Options Strategies To Reduce Risk

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to assume more risk in order to enjoy the upside potential of the market. Read on to see why the Integrated Options Portfolio (“IOP") will change the way you invest!

Kirk Stafford

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If you could experience potentially better growth while reducing your risks, would you want to know how?

It's not just what you own, it's how you own it

Integrated Options Portfolio (IOP)

Power of investing in your hands

What is so special about an IOP (Integrated Options Portfolio)?

We believe that the Integrated Options Portfolio may be the best advancement in the investment management world since the advent of the mutual fund.

That may sound like a bold statement to make from a professional money manager. We agree that it is bold and invite you to fully understand why we are so excited.

We’ve put together a few lessons on the Integrated Options Portfolio (IOP), because we want both our advisors and their clients to be very comfortable with our approach to portfolio management. We will begin with “Call Option Basics” for a fresh course on the risks and rewards of buying a registered “call” option. Then, we’ll jump into “Integrated Options Portfolio 101” to give you a good idea of what an IOP is. We will then move to “Integrated Options Portfolio 201”, which will deal with some of the variables that affect an IOP. Finally, in “Integrated Options Portfolio 221” we will demonstrate some of the ways that an IOP impacts not only the investment portfolio, but an entire financial plan.
We’ll keep the advanced formulas and techniques used for implementing and fine tuning an Integrated Options Portfolio to ourselves. This is our specialty, where we really earn our pay and help you and your clients to excel.

When you go through these sections, take them slowly, many of the concepts may be new to you and the significance of the IOP may not come instantly. Try not to get hung up on any specific “objection” you may have because it will likely be addressed in subsequent sections. Write them down and if they are not answered, please contact us.

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