Integrated Options Portfolio

What is so special about an IOP?

We believe that the Integrated Options Portfolio may be the best advancement in the investment management world since the advent of the mutual fund.

The above may sound like a bold statement to make from a professional money manager. We agree that it is bold and invite you to fully understand why we are so excited.

The investments you own and how you own them are a driving factor in your investment portfolio. The IOP helps change how you own those investments, and is designed to make just as much in good markets and save you a ton when markets go down.

Your financial roadmap with Desert Rose Capital Management is designed to meet known challenges and optimize for future opportunity. We accomplish this through the use of proprietary strategies which are focused on both principal preservation and capturing the upside of market performance.

We know that change is inevitable in our clients lives, businesses and in macro­economic conditions. Thus, we design bespoke strategies which can insulate against capital exposure while still keeping you in a competitive position to achieve your financial goals.

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